dji tello drone honest review 2019

DJI Tello Drone Honest Review


Cheap drone

The DJI Tello Drone is a little bit on the cheaper sides of  drones, but does that mean it’s bad? Simple answer: “Absolutely not!”  This drone can be enjoyed by kids, adults, and even grandparents! The thing I love the most about this drone, is that it’s affordable and amazing! Drone’s don’t have to be super expensive in 2019, and the DJI Tello Drone by DJI really proved that!


The Design

The second thing I love the most about this drone, is that the design is slim, beautiful and easy to pack.  I always take this drone to my holidays to take the most beautiful pictures and video’s.

This drone is also really great for people who are just starting out with their first drone, because this drone is really cheap and that’s why it’s less scary when you go to high distances.


Save landing

Even when you lose the connection with the drone, the drone will always return to the place where it took off. This can help prevent stressful situations and overall make you enjoy the flight more!

When the battery is low, you will automatically receive a message asking you to return to the place where it took off, so you don’t have to worry about that.

This new technology is not often found in cheap drones like this one so, bravo to DJI!


Adults and Childs

Some drones are hard to understands, but this drone changes it all. This amazing cheap drone can be enjoyed by either kids and adults!


Flight time (13 minutes)

Flight time is in my opinion one of the most important things of a drone. The Tello Drone by DJI is in this part not so good, but for a drone like this not bad.



The Tello Drone is able to take  amazing  720p video’s and images thanks to the electronic screen stabilization.  A camera makes in my opinion a drone, and for this price, this drone is amazing!

DJI Tello Drone