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should I start a youtube channel 2019?

should i start a youtube channel in 2019?

By Roy de Jong?


Short answer: “Yes and no”

Starting a youtube channel in 2019 takes a lot of time and dedication to really get subscriber and grow a fan base. So if you have the time and if you like recording video’s you should definitely  start a youtube channel. But keep in mind “It isn’t easy”.  But nothing is “easy” in life so if you are dedicated enough, you could definitely make it work.

If you are a lazy person you should not start a youtube channel. If you only try to make quick money. This will be a big disappointment  because youtube will take TIME and effort to start.


Picking your theme

When you decide to start a youtube channel you should start thinking about the content that you want to post. What is your channel about and what does it offer for your subscribers? This is really important because you don’t want to be all over the place posting random content. This won’t work and if you don’t have a theme, you can never grow.

Here are some examples of  the best themes:

  • Making money online ( Education )
  • Learning a new language ( Education )
  • Reaction to people ( Comedy )
  • Doing pranks ( Comedy )

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Can I make money on a youtube channel in 2019?

Yes you can make money on youtube! You can even make hundreds, and thousands of dollar on youtube if you have traffic going to your youtube video’s and if you upload quality content . You might ask, well where does this traffic come from?


There are many great video’s on youtube that will get you started on how to get your first views on your youtube video’s. This will take some time, but keep in mind: youtube rewards consistency. This means that if you post on a daily or weekly schedule, youtube will start seeing that and start recommending your video to other people because the algorithms sees that you are an active dedicated Youtuber.


Famous ways people make money of youtube:

  • Affiliate marketing.  ( Recommending products and earn a commission )
  • Google Adsense  ( Google pays you when someone watches a ad before your video starts )


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How do I get started?

You get started by just starting. No results will come when you don’t take a shot.  Try uploading video’s everyday for 2 weeks.   It doesn’t matter if your content is bad, because you will learn how to improve when you start getting feedback from the people that are seeing your video.

When you start getting some more views, something around 1000 to 1500 , you should start considering buying some professional equipment. You should buy a microphone, a headphone, and a video camera.  You need this equipment in order to grow bigger. almost no one will ever take your serious if you post blurry video’s with a low sound quality.



If  you already  started a youtube channel and you start seeing some results, you should consider buying equipment. Equipment is the bridge between success and staying in the limited position you are finding yourself in right now.

If you don’t understand anything about equipment, you should read some articles about it on this blog, but you can also go on youtube and start looking at other people’s setups.

You will often see that those setups of equipment are really expensive,  so an alternative option  would be to go for a budget setup. Down below you can see my cheap setup that I use for my personal youtube channel (5k subscribers ) .


My camera: 1080P Camcorder CofunKool Vlogging Camera   

I use this budget camera for all my recordings. It’s easy and the package included a standard for the camera to rest on. The quality is very high for this price so I’m really happy with it.



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My microphone: Blue Yeti USB Microphone – Blackout Edition

This is my favorite microphone. It is very compact and easy to setup. It uses USB to connect with your computer




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